Portrait of John Galsworthy

Portrait of John Galsworthy


In this portrait we see John Galsworthy sitting in profile in an armchair, writing in what is possibly a journal or notebook. John Galsworthy was the noted writer of the ‘Forsyte Saga’ and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1932. He married Ada Pearson in 1905 after she had been rather unhappily married to his cousin. He died in January 1933 from a brain tumor. The artist in this case, Rudolph Sauter, was the nephew of Galsworthy and the son of noted Bavarian painter, George Sauter.

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Artist: Sauter, Rudolf H. (1895-1977)
Created: 1923
ID Number: BIRRC-A0135
Institution: Research and Cultural Collections
Named Collection: The Campus Collection of Fine and Decorative Art
Object Type: Painting
Materials: Oil on canvas
Measurements: 71.1 x 58.4 cm

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