Portrait of John Galsworthy

Portrait of John Galsworthy


This is a portrait showing John Galsworthy in profile with his coat of arms in the corner. Galsworthy was a nobel prize winning playwright, most famous for his ‘Forsyte Saga’. He was trained as a barrister in his youth but chose instead to manage the family shipping acounts overseas, and it was on these voyages that he made the decision to write. He married Ada Pearson in 1905, who had previously been married to his cousin. He died in 1933. Rudolph Sauter who painted the portrait was Galsworthy’s nephew and the son of the famous Bavarian painter George Sauter.

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Artist: Sauter, Rudolf H. (1895-1977)
Created: 1923
ID Number: BIRRC-A0166
Institution: Research and Cultural Collections
Named Collection: The Campus Collection of Fine and Decorative Art
Object Type: Painting
Culture: British
Materials: Oil on canvas
Measurements: 66 x 45.7 cm

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