Portrait bust of George Jordan Lloyd (1854-1913)

Portrait bust of George Jordan Lloyd (1854-1913)


Bust of George Jordan Lloyd. Born in 1854, Jordan Lloyd was the son of a Birmingham doctor and went on to study medicine at Queen’s College, and then in London and Newcastle. He served a term as house surgeon to the Queen’s Hospital and was appointed a casualty surgeon in 1881. From 1910 until his death he was joint Professor of Surgery at the University of Birmingham with Gilbert Barling. Albert Toft, a Birmingham-born sculptor, served an apprenticeship with Wedgwood and went on to study under Edouard Lanteri.

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Artist: Toft, Albert (1862-1949)
Created: 1914
ID Number: BIRRC-A0265
Institution: Research and Cultural Collections
Named Collection: The Campus Collection of Fine and Decorative Art
Object Type: Sculpture
Culture: British
Materials: Marble
Measurements: 71.12 cm

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