Cathode Ray Oscilloscope – Tektronix 545A

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope – Tektronix 545A


These oscilloscopes were the top-of-the-range instruments at their time, operating with many thermionic valves. The input amplifiers and time base are plug in units.
The main time base A runs at 5 s to 0.1 µs per division and a there is a second time base B providing a straight display, A delayed by B or B intensified by A.
The Type 1A2 dual trace plug in amplifier (serial no 100376) has sensitivities 20 V to 0.05 V/cm with modes to display the two traces added, alternately or chopped.
Other plug in amplifiers are Type E low level differential amplifier (serial no. 100002) with sensitivity 10 V to 0.05 mV/cm at up to 60 kHz, and Type D high gain differential amplifier (serial no. 101996) with sensitivity 50 V to 1 mV/cm.
There is a simple handbook under a lid in the top of the instrument.

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Artist: Tektronix Inc.
Created: Early 1960s
ID Number: BIRRC-P0844
Institution: Research and Cultural Collections
Named Collection: Collection of Historic Physics Instruments
Object Type: Oscilloscope
Place Made: Guernsey, C.I.
Materials: Many
Measurements: 34 x 42 x 60 cm, mounted on trolley 45 x 60 x 130 cm

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