The Archive Remix project started in 2014, when Antonio Roberts started his residency at the University of Birmingham. He proposed to make use of the archives at the Research and Cultural Collections and make new works from this. Documentation of his research can be seen here.

The first output of this was the Permission Taken exhibition at Birmingham Open Media, which ran from 23rd October 2015 to 23rd January 2016. Throughout this exhibition, in addition to his own responses, he invited artists and the public to use these archives to create new artwork and think about how aspects of Free Culture and Open Source ideologies can influence their work and life.

The Archive Remix website launched on 26th January as a way make a selection of this archive available to the public with the intention of these being starting points for new work.

If you remix these works please e-mail Antonio Roberts with the remix and details at antonio@hellocatfood.com

Making a remix is easy and can be done using any method you choose